The Consumer and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) is a volunteer committee of individuals and their family members who have experience with mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, or substance abuse challenges. The CFAC is an influential voice in the community and advocates for the best interests of those individuals and families who receive services through our network of providers.

What does the CFAC do?

The CFAC is an invaluable partner to Vaya Health’s Administration and Board of Directors. The CFAC:

  • Appoints three of its members to serve as voting members of Vaya Health’s Board of Directors
  • Reviews, comments on and monitors progress of the local business plan
  • Helps identify service gaps and underserved groups
  • Makes recommendations about available services and monitors plans for additional services
  • Reviews and provides feedback about the Vaya Health budget
  • Participates in Vaya Health committees, cross-functional teams, quality improvement efforts and performance measures
  • Reports ideas on how to improve the delivery of services related to mental health, intellectual or developmental disability and substance use to the state CFAC.

   CFAC Application

CFAC Meeting Minutes

Central Region Minutes

pdf-1   January 12, 2015

pdf-1   December 15, 2014


Northern Region Minutes

pdf-1   January 20, 2015

pdf-1   December 16, 2014


Western Region Minutes 

pdf-1   January 13, 2015

pdf-1   October 14, 2014

WHN Legacy Region Minutes

pdf-1   February 9, 2015

pdf-1   October 20, 2014


Joint Committee Minutes 

pdf-1   May 20, 2014

pdf-1   February 18, 2014

Call 1-800-849-6127 toll free 24/7 to obtain services and support for mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse. Members can request materials in Spanish or English.

Llamar al número gratuito 1-800-849-6127 24/7 para obtener servicios y apoyo a la salud mental, discapacidades de desarrollo y abuso de sustancias. Los miembros pueden solicitar materiales en español o Inglés.